Privacy & Cookie Policies

Curacao Made is committed to protecting the personal data of users of this website. A collaboration with our customers extends to the way we handle your personal information. In this Privacy Policy will be told what information we collect and for which changes in the Privacy Policy, the use of your click behavior.

What personal information is collected and processed by Curacao Made and what-for?
Curacao Made uses your personal information for different purposes. Below you can read what these purposes are. Curacao Made uses both the data received from you as information gathered by ourselves. For example, information about your visit to our website.

Automatically Generated Data
In addition to the information we received, Curacao Made also uses data collected by us or with Auto Generated information. These data are collected by means of so-called ‘cookies’. On this page you can read more about the use of cookies by Curacao Made.

Customer Service
In order to be of service as quickly and effectively as possible when contacting our customer service, we ask the following personal information: name; email address and order number. This in order to answer your question as well and quickly as possible. Furthermore, we keep your data by mail, for possible follow-up calls and to analyze and improve our services.

Improving Curacao Made
Curacao Made is subject to continuous improvement. While we may use your information in a market research when asked to participate in a survey. After the survey your email address is removed from the research.

To investigate, prevent and counter fraud we use your customer data. When suspected of fraud, we will give an account to the government.

Modifications and changes to the website may lead to changes to the Privacy and Cookie Policy. Curacao Made reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Statement. We ask you kindly to consult the Privacy and Cookie Policy for any changes.

Click behavior
Your visit records are kept on the website to measure interest in the various parts of the site. As a result of the website could possibly be adapted to the interest of visitors.

If you want to know which information Curacao Made addition to the data from your account has recorded about you, please contact Within two weeks you will receive notice with an overview of the personal data we process about you.

What are cookies?
A cookie is a small file of information that is stored while browsing on your computer. This is necessary for the proper functioning of a website. A visitor on the website does not accept cookies, has limited access to the site. Cookies may collect personal information. A cookie dos not contain or spread viruses.

What do Cookies provide?
Cookies provide us with information on how to use our service. This can be used over time to adjust and improve the needs of our customers.

Cookies further ensure that:

  • You will remain logged in and can make uninterrupted use of the site
  • Items are kept in your shopping cart
  • The website is fast and stays fast
  • We can track inconveniences on the website
  • We can advise You personally for what You have previously viewed and / or purchased

How long do Cookies remain?
Most cookies Curacao Made uses disappear when you close your browser. With a permanent cookie our website can recognize you when you return to visit our website and the website can be adjusted to your personal needs. This saves time while visiting our site. You can also set your browser to not receive Cookie at the next visit. In this case it may be that you do not, or can not fully use all the features of the website.

How do I disable cookies or delete?
Through the browser settings you can always disable or delete cookies. For more information about customizing cookies please refer to the instructions in the Help function within your browser.

If you have any questions about this cookie policy or your personal information, please contact Curacao Made through the Customer Service page.