About Us

We, from Curacao Made, are happy to welcome you on our website.

Curacao Made is an initiative of Cpost International BV to offer Curaçao companies the opportunity to offer typical Curaçao products to consumers worldwide.

We are a dynamic organization that quickly responds to the needs of the market and what you, as a consumer, need. With our team we try to ensure that the best articles for you are available in the webshop. Here we offer a broad assortment for the best prices.

We are specialized in “Bringing Curacao To You.” With over 100 typical products, we supply the expat community with the comforts of “home” and the rest of the world with a “taste” of Curacao (Souvenirs, Art, Aloe products and the famous Chichi are just a few of our lines). Yes, we do stock the famous Blue Curacao!

We continue to grow our business and expand our product line. Many of our products are shipped worldwide. We look forward to continuing our goal of “Bringing Curacao To You”.

There are of course several organizations and the question is of course also: ‘Why would you buy from us?’. We are a reliable organization that values customer satisfaction.

It is important to us that the customer feels comfortable with CurMade.com

Curacao Made selects the products and offers, for the lowest possible price and the highest possible quality. We strive to have as many offers online as you can choose from.

We hope you enjoy our website and wish you lots of shopping fun!